Intuitive Discovery Coaching

Intuition. I feel like the word alone gets a bad rap sometimes. People hear the term and they associate it with being woo woo, hocus pocus or just plain nonsense. But it’s far from nonsense.

In fact, our intuition is our personal truth. We all have an inner wisdom that leads us towards a more fulfilling life. When you are not paying attention to your personal truths you might feel stuck, unmotivated or indecisive.

Intuition increases when you are fully mindful, open minded and open hearted. When you can heal wounds from the past, be present in today and set goals and intentions for tomorrow, you will feel more content and aligned with your soul’s true purpose.

Building your intuitive awareness can do that and more.

6 week coaching program

Erin is a Certified Life Coach, a Certified CBT Coach and author of the best-selling daily prompt journal ‘My Intuitive Journal’. Her 1:1 Intuitive Discovery Coaching is a six week personal development program designed to help you uncover your purpose, set goals, and rediscover your joy all while focusing on your own intuitive awareness.

Intuitive Discovery Group Coaching

Weekly modules include:


Week 1: Introduction to intuition

Understanding intuition and why it’s important for personal growth. Identifying personal blocks to access intuition.


Week 2: Developing mindfulness

Learning to be present in the moment. Practicing self-awareness and self-reflection.


Week 3: Trusting your intuition

Creating a safe and supportive environment for self-exploration. Understanding the difference between intuition, fear or doubt.


Week 4: Finding your authentic self

Discovering personal values and beliefs. Understanding how intuition aligns with personal authenticity.


Soul to Soul Reading

Soul to Soul intuitive reading with Erin


Week 6: Integration and implementation

Creating an action plan based on intuition and personal values. Practicing mindfulness, self-awareness and intuition in everyday life.

Intuitive Discovery coaching is a 1:1 coaching program that is done online over zoom, allowing you to tune in from anywhere in the world. Although we follow the modules listed above, Erin does tailor each session to the specific needs of you, the client. Homework and various practices will be given at the end of each class.

Investment is $795+GST

Payment plans are available.

Please contact Erin today to schedule a free 20 min chat to talk about how tuning into your intuition will help you.


‘I recently had the opportunity to work with Erin Knight, an exceptional mindfulness coach, and I cannot express how grateful I am for the transformative experience. Erin guided me through a journey of going inward, helping me tap into my intuition and unlock its power. With her insight and guidance, I have gained a newfound sense of trust in myself, which has had a profound impact on my overall confidence. One of the most valuable lessons I learned from Erin is the importance of taking time for myself during the day and reconnecting with my body. Through various exercises and practices, she taught me how to listen to my body's wisdom and honor its needs. This newfound awareness has brought a sense of balance and harmony to my daily life, allowing me to navigate challenges with more grace and authenticity. If you are seeking a coach who can help you tap into your intuition, find your inner strength, and guide you toward a more empowered life, I wholeheartedly recommend Erin. She is a remarkable intuitive who genuinely cares about her clients and has an extraordinary ability to facilitate growth and transformation. Working with her will be an investment in yourself that you will never regret.’


“Your outer journey may contain a million steps; your inner journey only has one: the step you are taking right now.”

–Eckhart Tolle

My Intuitive Journal acts as a guide to help readers access their inner wisdom and trust their natural instincts. From daily affirmations and gratitude to meditation and recognizing intuitive moments, author Erin Knight provides encouraging and motivational techniques to help you deepen your intuition, attract positivity, connect with your spirituality, and lead a more balanced lifestyle.

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